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Services We Offer

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Repair Services




Dress shoes
Walking shoes
Western boots
Work boots
Rockport shoes

Sole Restoring
Color Dying
Back lining
New Heels
Shoe Stretching

Dress shoes
Hand Bags
Dye to match
any color

  • Revolutionary, High-Tech Machinery

  • The finest materials available, anywhere

  • Friendly, courteous service

  • Superior shoe technicians

  • Elegant, comfortable surroundings

  • Convenient location

Repair Services - New Shoes

  • Stretch and adjust shoes for increased comfort

  • Adapt shoes to fit unique feet

  • Professionally waterproof to protect for salt stains

  • Replace heel tips from slippery plastic to non-skid rubber

  • Add heel savers to prolong the life of the heel

  • Add non-skid protective soles to prolong the life of leather soles.

Repair Services - Old Shoes

  • Replace heels and soles

  • Apply protective soles

  • Repair uppers

  • Professionally polish, dye (change color or refurbish) and refinish

  • Stretch footware that is too tight

  • Replace eyelets, laces, and other hardware

Help us to help the homeless and poor by donating your old shoes !!!


412 West Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: 703-534-3233
Fax: 703-534-0335

Email: bedos@cox.net

Tuesday-Friday: 10AM - 7PM
Saturday: 7AM - 1PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays

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