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Luggage, Briefcase and Handbag repair

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Have any of the following problems happened to you? These are the most common luggage repairs we experience.

  1. Locks and sliders (zipper pulls) torn from luggage.
  2. Bent wheels, missing wheels, or cracked wheel housings. The majority of these problems are found on suitcases where the entire wheel and wheel housing is mounted on the surface of the suitcase. (More exposed to likely damage)
  3. Worn or damaged zippers particularly in cases where the zipper is mounted directly on the edge of the case. (Wear occurs because the zipper is placed against the hard edge of the frame.)
  4. Handles pulling loose from cases at handle posts. Mainly from suitcases which do not have enough reinforcement to hold the handle in place. The handle posts obviously receive a great deal of stress.
  5. Torn or worn material almost always on lower quality outside fabrics/materials.
  6. Seams opening up on suitcases and duffels. Again most often on poorly constructed bags.
  7. Bent telescoping handle tubes. Particularly when the tubes are mounted on the outside of the suitcase with little or no protection.
  8. Cracked or missing feet. Particularly when the feet on the bag protrude greatly from the case.
  9. Bent frames mainly on suitcases with a 2-3" metal band which runs around the inside of the suitcase
  10. Cracked shells on hard-sided suitcases particularly on the corners of larger suitcases. Most commonly on abs plastic cases.

Expert Luggage Repair

  • Expert luggage technicians will repair your luggage to your satisfaction.


The following services are offered:

  • Reconditioning: (cleaning, weatherproofing, and moisturizing)

  • Restoration of Exotic Leathers: (Snake, alligator, lizard, etc...) cleaning, moisturizing, and glazing.

  • Re-Dye: Restoration of original color.

  • Dying: Change the color.

  • Fabric Shoe Dying: Satin shoes, custom colored for special events.

  • Belts: shorten, lengthen, custom make


Our trained leather craftsman can replace or repair:

Handles, Chains,
Straps, Leather Threaded Chains,
Snaps, Corners, Frames,
Catches, Bottom Studs, Loops,
Zippers, Linings, Draw Straps...

Are the your corners worn?

Does your purse refuse to snap shut?

Does your mother's evening bag need a new chain?

Does Grandma's alligator bag look tired?

Help us to help the homeless and poor by donating your old shoes !!!


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